Advanced HR - Option Impact

Since 1997, Option Impact has been the only compensation benchmarking product that gives you all needed data for privately held, venture backed companies in one source and for one affordable subscription price.  Data in Option Impact is supported by Advanced-HR’s relationships with more than 30 of the world’s leading venture firms and used to produce the exclusive VC Executive Compensation Survey Report each year.  Option Impact’s exclusive reports are selected based on region, industry and founding status with data sorts available by funding, revenue or development phase.  Data is available for CEO/VP/Staff and Board level benchmarks; company equity for investor, founder, management and staff holdings; and information on refresh practices, vesting schedules, and merit budgets.

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Zviran is the leading provider for salary and benefits data in Israel. Its thirty years track record for accurate and reliable data blended with its rigorous quality assurance procedures has helped Zviran in becoming the source for both data and analysis for all that is relevant to pay data in Israel.